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Jiujiujiayi mainly products are: diesel pump, diesel injector, diesel nozzle, injector valves, injector solenoide valves, pump metering valves, pump suction control valves / SCV, diesel plunger and delivery valve. moreover we supply injection pump &injector re-manufacture service. These products are sold to Europe, USA, central and south America, Southeast Asia and Africa. The goods quality are approved by these areas customers.



  • How to maintain truck engine

    One of the most important items in truck maintenance is engine maintenance. As important as the human heart, the diesel engine is the heart of the truck, the source of power. How to maintain the heart of the truck? Good maintenance can extend the service life of the engine and reduce the failure ...

  • How Clean Engine?

    Engine cleaning The most common and simplest engine cleaning is the cleaning in the engine cylinder. This type of cleaning for new cars is generally recommended to be done once between 40,000 and 60,000 kilometers, and then you can choose to clean after about 30,000 kilometers. The operation of c...

  • How do we clean diesel injector nozzle?

    Disassembly-free cleaning. This method uses the pressure of the engine’s original system and the circulation network to replace the fuel combustion with a cleaning agent to clean the carbon deposits in the cylinder, and then use the exhaust system to discharge it. Although this method is si...

  • how does flameout solenoid work

    When the diesel engine is turned off, there is a coil in the solenoid valve that is the same as the generator. When the power is turned on, the magnetic force is generated to pull the stop switch back to the fuel. When the power is turned off, there is no magnetic force. It’s oily. After th...

  • How to test nozzles by yourself

    Once the excavator encounters problems such as difficulty in starting, slowing down, and sudden increase in fuel consumption, many times the maintenance master will start with the inspection and cleaning of the fuel injection nozzle, which also explains the importance of...