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Jiujiujiayi mainly products are: diesel pump, diesel injector, diesel nozzle, injector valves, injector solenoide valves, pump metering valves, pump suction control valves / SCV, diesel plunger and delivery valve. moreover we supply injection pump &injector re-manufacture service. These products are sold to Europe, USA, central and south America, Southeast Asia and Africa. The goods quality are approved by these areas customers.



  • What’s solenoid working principle?

    Working principle of fuel injector 1. When the injector solenoid valve is not triggered, the small spring presses the ball valve under the pivot plate to the relief valve On the oil hole, the oil drain hole is closed and a common rail high pressure is formed in the valve control chamber. Similarl...

  • why delphi nozzles shock engine?

    please check four cylinder injectors flow rate data. adjust them into similar same.

  • How to repair CRIN Common rail injector?

    CRIN 1 /Common rail first generation common rail injector currently in the market there are: Cummins 0445120007  0445120121 0445120122 0445120123 . Komatsu excavator Mitsubishi 6M70 engine: 0445120006. Iveco; 0 445 120 002, Dongfeng Renault; 0445120084 0445120085 etc. Before changing the valve se...

  • China Origin Bosch Piezo Nozzle Is Coming

    China Origin Bosch Piezo Nozzle Is Coming Application Injectors 0445116014 AudiPorsche CayenneVW Touareg 0445116015 0445116022 0445115014 0445116047 0445116010 CJAA, TDI, 5K1  2.0d VW Golf 0445116011 986435367 0445116012 LANDROVER、Citroen C5C6、Peugeot 407 LANDROVER、Cit...

  • New Valve Set F00VC01200 F00VC01201 Is Testing

    Nine Brand Valve Set F00VC01200 For Injector 0445110351,F00VC01201 For injector 0445110418 will be produced out.Welcome customers inquiry and order.thx